APRIL Prioritises SDGs for Long Term, Sustainable Impact in Indonesia

Phase 1a report was presented at a recent KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) event in Jakarta.

APRIL on KADIN SDG Breakfast Meeting

Roslan Roeslani, Chairman, KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Sihol P Aritonang, President Director, PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper, reviewing the Phase 1a report at the recent KADIN event

Speaking at the event, Bayu Krisnamurthi, Head of the SDG Network, Institut Pertanian Bogor, highlighted the Indonesian Government’s initiative in releasing Presidential Decree No.59/2017 on the sustainable development goals. “The government has prepared the platform and now it’s time for companies to be more proactive in implementing SDGs. I’m sure we can work together with potential sectors to realize this global agenda,” he said.

Al Azhar and Erna Witoelar, members of the APRIL Stakeholder Advisory Committee, pictured at the KADIN event

Shinta Kamdani, Vice Chairman, International Relations, KADIN, said the private sector had a pivotal part to play in helping Indonesia achieve the SDGs. “Plans can only be realized with the active involvement of the government, companies, academia and non-government organizations. The initiatives and concrete steps taken by private companies show that SDGs and businesses can coexist, and even help companies grow,” she said.

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