Statement on ‘Deforestation Anonymous’ Report

As a global, leading resource-based group of companies, RGE over the years has been steadily strengthening its commitment to business sustainability. With the Business Groups’ 2030 sustainability agenda, RGE continues to strive to deliver a positive impact on climate, nature and people. We operate our business to global and national regulatory, market and industry standards.

This commitment is clearly demonstrated by our Group wide 2030 commitments, our verification, monitoring and reporting, our partnerships and collaborations, our unprecedented investments in nature and biodiversity, and the linking of billions of dollars of capital with sustainability KPIs.

Moving forward, RGE remains firmly invested in a transformation to position the Group as a leading contributor to the emerging global bioeconomy.

For any questions regarding the claims in this report regarding RGE or APRIL, please contact the following:

John Morgan, Head of Group Corporate Communications, RGE –
Anita Bernardus, Head of Communications, APRIL Group –

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