Stakeholder Advisory Committee Opens Consultation on 2019 APRIL SFMP 2.0 Assurance Process

Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) works with KPMG PRI to provide an independent report on APRIL’s progress against the key commitments in its Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP 2.0). Findings on the effectiveness of SFMP 2.0 implementation, which help frame recommendations for continued improvements, are publicly reported annually along with APRIL’s Action Plans to address these.

In 2018, KPMG produced a full assurance report wherein 45 Indicators were reviewed. In 2019, KPMG will produce an Interim Assurance Report and will review a subset of 10 Indicators. These indicators were identified as the highest priority based on the degree of potential risk of non conformance, consultation with the SAC and priorities identified by stakeholders.

The 10 indicators selected for review are:
• Number of hectares developed by category (Forested, Non-Forested and HCV/HCS and non-HCV/HCS).
• Number of PT RAPP and supplier non-compliant new developments detected and the % of non-compliances resulting in corrective action.
• Number of tonnes of mixed hardwood (MHW) deliveries utilized by the Kerinci mill.
• Hectares and % of conservation and restoration area impacted by fire, development or encroachment.
• Contribution to local GDP.
• Hectares of APRIL and supplier concessions currently inactive due to unresolved land disputes.
• Percentage of grievances resolved in accordance with the grievance SOP.
• Grievance resolution mechanism in place for labour concerns raised by APRIL or supplier employees and contractors.
• Status of SAC Recommendations.
• Percentage of new suppliers for which the supplier due diligence process was completed prior to the first wood delivery.

Prior to finalizing KPMG’s assurance process, we would welcome inputs from stakeholders. Comments may relate to the selection of the priority indicators, specific concessions and estates selected for field inspection, or topics related to SFMP 2.0 and APRIL’s performance. For reference, KPMG’s 2018 report can be viewed here.

Details of the proposed SFMP 2.0 assurance process for 2019 can be downloaded here. All comments and inputs should be addressed to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee at before 19 March 2019.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Lawson
Chair, Stakeholder Advisory Committee

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