“Fire Danger Period” declaration today serves as an alert to APRIL staffs as well as local communities in Riau to stay vigilant on the possibility of fires occurring in surrounding areas, due to hot and dry weather forecasted in the region.

With the declaration, APRIL intensifies ground and air patrols as well as satellite monitoring throughout its concession areas, ensuring preparedness and immediate suppression of all fires.

“Declaring a ‘Fire Danger Period’ effective July 1 – 31 August, will raise the awareness of our staff, contractors and local communities on the risk of fire during the dry season,” said Periasamy, Fibre Technical Services Director.

APRIL Fire Fighter team at the control room

APRIL Fire Fighter team in the control room

APRIL implements a strict no-burn policy. The company invested heavily in fire suppression equipments and trained firefighters to combat fires that encroach into its area. Fire threatens plantation trees, APRIL’s raw material needed to produce pulp and paper.

Last year, APRIL initiated a community-based fire prevention program while collaborating with the local government to suppress land and forest fire in Riau province.

Indonesia continues to struggle in finding a lasting solution to what has become an annual problem with its complexities on the ground.

APRIL team engages local communities on the Fire Danger Period activities

Discussion between APRIL team, local authorities and communities on the Fire Danger Period

Craig Tribolet, Strategic Fire Manager for APRIL noted that prevention measures and cross-sector collaboration is key in achieving a long-term solution. In addition to its fire suppression measures, APRIL is building a community-focused partnership such as the “Fire Free Village, Fire Free Landscape” in which local communities are provided tools and information to improve their understanding on sustainable farming systems in a fire-free landscape.

APRIL team familiarizing the Fire Hotline and the Fire Danger Period to communities

APRIL team familiarizing the Fire Hotline and the Fire Danger signage to communities

“As our fire fighting teams work hard to ensure preparedness and fire suppression capability, we need the support of all  people across the province to reduce the amount of burning that happens every year,” Tribolet said.


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