APRIL Group Awaits Final Mapping Analysis to Clarify NGO Concerns on Moratorium Deadline

SFMP 2.0, which included a moratorium as part of its commitment to eliminate deforestation from its supply chain.


APRIL Group – Sustainable Forest Plantation

Eyes on the Forest have identified three areas that they suggest were cleared after 15 May, which our supplier classified as ‘felled’ prior to the cut-off date. Given this, and following Eyes on the Forest’s enquiries, we’ve requested third party monitoring agency PT. Hatfield Indonesia to conduct further analysis using satellite images, radar information, and calibration against further ground-truthing. Hatfield’s monitoring expertise was put in place to ensure independent monitoring of our adherence to 15 May moratorium and is an important process and one that will be made public when completed. Hatfield are due to deliver their baseline mapping report by 30 June 2015.

We take this matter seriously and are working hard across our concessions to implement the strengthened commitments announced in SFMP 2.0 on 3 June 2015. We welcome input from Eyes on Forest, and will provide more information on this matter once Hatfield reverts at the end of the month. We extend an invitation to Eyes on the Forest to join Hatfield as independent observers.



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