Towards Purpose-Led Action: APRIL Group Releases 2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2022, our 14th edition since the company adopted the Global Reporting Initiative framework more than 20 years ago and pioneered in Sustainability Reporting in the region in 2002.

This year’s report is focused on the theme, Towards Purpose-Led Action, which documents our progress against our sustainability commitments and targets, highlighting how these all link back to the company’s purpose of improving lives by developing resources sustainably.

In the reporting year, we continued to advance towards the achievement of our APRIL2030 commitments and targets, increasingly embedding them into our operations. APRIL2030 comprises 18 ambitious targets under four commitment pillars – Climate Positive, Thriving Landscapes, Inclusive Progress and Sustainable Growth. Our 2022 highlights include:

Climate Positive

  • 11MW solar energy installed, and 2030 ambition doubled from 20MW to 50MW in 2030
  • 6% energy generated from renewable and cleaner sources
  • 14% reduction in product carbon emissions intensity

Thriving Landscape

  • 13% increase in plantation productivity 2019-2022
  • Consistent allocation of 1$/ton for conservation per ton of fibre delivered to the mill since 2020, totaling to more than US $47 million allocated for conservation and restoration
  • Collaborated with 84 scientists from around the world to advance tropical peatland science and contribute to global knowledge and practice

Inclusive Progress

  • 18.6% of APRIL workforce is women
  • Launched Human Rights Policy in January 2022
  • 63% women beneficiaries from APRIL community development programmes

Sustainable Growth

  • 3% chemical recovery
  • 49% less solid waste to landfill
  • Commenced demo plant testing with capacity of either 24 tons of 100% recycled textile or 120 tons 20% recycled textile.

The integration of these commitments and targets into our day-to-day operational activity is reflected in improved disclosure and rating scores achieved during the year, specifically the SPOTT and CDP ratings. APRIL was also one of the winners in the Sustainable Business category at the Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards 2022, organised by the UN Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS).

Sustainability continues to increasingly permeate into our collective mindset and daily actions. It underpins our growth strategy and drives our transformation as we take part in fulfilling the global 2030 development agenda. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, it’s important that APRIL maintains its current momentum and deliver on its purpose through concrete, measurable actions.

More detailed about APRIL Group’s 2022 Sustainability Report can be found here.

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