APRIL Group Response to NBC Story

responded comprehensively and publicly with data and mapping evidence that those claims were baseless. That remains the case.

With regards to the claim that clearing of land and establishment of plantations leads to an increased risk of fires in Indonesia, APRIL has for decades had a strict no-burn policy which applies to its suppliers as well. We have also made significant progress in curbing the incidence of fires in the wider community through our Fire Free Village Programme (FFVP) where we engage with and incentivise local communities to quickly respond to fires when they occur and to adopt farming practices which do not involve the burning of land.

Upholding SFMP and Advancing APRIL2030
APRIL and its suppliers adhere strictly to the company’s Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP) 2.0 which includes a strict no deforestation commitment and the use of only renewable plantation fiber in its mill. Independent audits since the policy was introduced in 2015 show that APRIL and its suppliers have complied with this policy and there has been no deforestation.

Further, in November 2020, APRIL adopted its APRIL2030 commitments on climate, nature and people. This decade long vision for a more sustainable future includes targets to drastically reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero emissions from land use, no net loss of conservation and restoration areas, the championing of conservation in thriving landscapes where APRIL’s production from renewable plantations helps protect natural forest and biodiversity, inclusive progress for our communities and sustainable growth for our business. We also remain committed to achieving our 1:1 pledge where we achieve a hectare of conservation forest for every hectare of plantation. We are currently 81% of the way towards that goal.

The engagement with NBC further assured that APRIL’s SFMP 2.0 policy compliance, assurance process, supplier due diligence and land cover change monitoring is robust and accurate. We will continue to take any allegations of deforestation seriously and work with all suppliers to ensure compliance with our policies and practices.

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