KPMG Interim Report on Sustainable Forest Management Policy 2.0 Implementation

Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP) 2.0. The report covers eight key performance indicators over the period between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2020.

The reports identifies ‘continuing improvement’ in three important areas: the Open Market Supplier due diligence process; the maintenance of an effective process for addressing community and stakeholder grievances; and safety culture and safety management. In particular, the report highlights the progress made by APRIL in the development and implementation of a Contractor Safety Management System to drive safety improvements across the company’s operations.

In the report, Dr. Ida Bagus Putera Parthama and Professor Jeffrey Sayer, Co-Chairs, Stakeholder Advisory Committee, state that: “We also note the continuing strong performance of APRIL in reducing the impact of fire and encroachment on the conservation areas within PT RAPP and Supply Partner concessions, again recording very low levels of negative impacts in 2020”. The report can be downloaded here.

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