Stakeholder Advisory Committee Begins Consultation on 2020 SFMP 2.0 Assurance Process

Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP 2.0).

Findings on the SFMP 2.0 implementation help with the development of recommendations for ongoing improvements and are publicly reported along with Action Plans to address the issues that are raised.

In 2019, KPMG produced an interim assurance report in which 10 Indicators were reviewed. This year, a full assurance report will be published, which will review 20 out of the total 40 indicators. Performance in relation to the selected indicators will be reported in Q3 2020.

The indicators for review in 2020 were selected in consultation with the SAC and will include the following key commitments:
Compliance with SFMP 2.0 commitments related to new development

  • Completeness of fire and encroachment data
  • Grievance mechanism process
  • Progress on land dispute
  • Fiber limited to plantation sources
  • Implementation of supplier due diligence

Before finalising the assurance process for 2020, we would welcome inputs from stakeholders. Comments may relate to: specific concessions and estates selected for field inspection; specific topical issues of concern; other topics related to SFMP 2.0 and APRIL’s performance. Inputs on the process will be considered in the development of the final plan for this year’s assurance process.

For reference, details of the proposed SFMP 2.0 assurance process for 2020 can be viewed here. Inputs should be addressed to the SAC at before February 21, 2020

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Lawson
Chair, Stakeholder Advisory Committee

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