Second Meeting of The Independent Peat Expert Working Group (IPEWG)

Independent Peat Expert Working Group (IPEWG) conducted their second meeting on 29 April to 2 May 2016 in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau Province. 

Sustainably managed forest plantation

Sustainably managed forest plantation

The IPEWG was established to help APRIL fulfill the commitments in its Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP 2.0) related to its peatland operations.

Comprising national and international experts, the Group is tasked with providing recommendations to APRIL on:

  • Best management practices to be implemented in existing plantations on peatland;
  • Actions required to ensure conservation of forested peatland and critical peatland landscapes;
  • Development options for non-forested peatland (which could include options ranging from plantation development through to restoration initiatives).

The recommendations from IPEWG will enable APRIL and its suppliers to adopt international best practices in order to protect forested peatland areas and to reduce GHG emissions in existing operations.

The IPEWG Second Meeting Report is available for download here

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