Protecting Sensitive Land on Kampar Peninsula

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In an online radio interview, Greenpeace said “APRIL is destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of natural rain forest including destroying an area withhigh conservation value inside that Kampar Peninsula.”

This claim is irresponsible and wrong. APRIL sustainably manages licensed forest concessions in line with Indonesian economic and conservation policies. Our concessions amount to less than 1% of Indonesia’s total forest land. Plantations are established on land previously licensed to others for selective logging, as well as degraded by encroachment and illegal loggingover the last two decades. We conserve areas deemed to have High Conservation Value by independent third party experts. We plant on about 50% of our total concession area. The rest is set aside for conservation or community use.

We have taken special care on the Kampar Peninsula to protect sensitive lands. Working with the science-based NGO Tropenbos, we have developed the Plantation Ringapproach. We safeguard conservation areas at the centre of our concessions by managing plantations around them. This activity serves as a barrier, preventing encroachment such as illegal logging and slash-and-burn clearing within sensitive areas.

We are also sponsoring and leading a multi-year project on the Kampar Peninsula – known as Restorasi Ekosistem Riau – to restore and protect 20,265 hectares of degraded peat forest.

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