Generating GHG Emissions From Peat Drainage

(Source: EoF)

APRIL: APRIL is in the process of determining its carbon footprint and has collaborated with a number of scientific third-party experts to build the science on carbon and peatlands. Some of the studies conducted have indicated that carbon emissions in our concession areas are less than or certainly not more than the point at which we have been awarded our licenses.

We take a science-based approach to water management in our concessions and recognise that maintaining or enhancing water levels is an important goal to prevent peat subsidence.

One thing that must be noted is that EoF gives the impression that in the absence of APRIL, the areas of our concessions on peatland were pristine when we were awarded licenses and would be pristine if we were not there. The reality in Indonesia is very different. Large areas of our concessions were already degraded by past logging by others and illegal logging at the time they were awarded to us. We undertake HCVF assessments before we start operating and protect areas of HCVF.

Unmanaged land in Indonesia, including peatland, is subject to illegal logging and slash-and-burn farming practices through human encroachment. APRIL is working to be part of the solution to ensuring peatland is maintained and managed rather than being the subject of unregulated and unscrutinised activities.

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